Below you will find the PDF files from the presentations made at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Society of Obstetricians & Gynecologists. They are listed in alphabetical order by presenter. Use the "Back" arrow in the browser window to go to the previous page. If you do not have the required Adobe Reader you can download it by using this link:

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Please respect the work done by these physicians and use the content for your own educational purposes only.

Dr. Radha Chari - Hypertension in Pregnancy

Dr. Shaun Ferguson - Induction of Labour

Dr. Claude Fortin - SPRM's in Gynecology

Dr. Diane Francoeur - Management of Menorrhagia

Dr.Erica Frecker - Abnormal Placentation OR Checklist

Dr. Jason Kim - eLearning Modules as a Teaching Resource

Dr. Anita Smith - Single vs. Multiple Antibiotic Prophylaxis in PPROM

Dr. Carole Williams - Medical Management of VIN with Imiquimod

Dr. Sarah Wozney - Emergency Contraception Awareness

Debate - Elective Induction of Labour

- Pro - Dr. Ward Murdock

- Con - Dr. Kim Butler