Below you will find the PDF files from the presentations made at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Society of Obstetricians & Gynecologists. They are listed in alphabetical order by presenter. Use the "Back" arrow in the browser window to go to the previous page. If you do not have the required Adobe Reader you can download it by using this link:

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Please respect the work done by these physicians and use the content for your own educational purposes only.

Dr. Anthony Armson - Caesarean for Twins

Dr. Nadean Caines - Nutrition in Pregnancy

Dr. John Collins - Canadian Giants

Dr. Mark Heywood - High Grade Squamous Cancer & Salpingectomy

Dr. Erica Holloway - What's New in Ob/Gyn

Dr. Sean Murphy - Intrapartum Scalp pH

Dr. Terry O'Grady - Amenorrhea, Investigations & Treatment

Dr. Robert Reid - Hormonal Contraception & VTE

Dr. Mike Ripley - Psychological Stress in Women Undergoing IVF

Dr. Sony Singh - Surgical Management of Complex Endometriosis

Dr. M. Smithies - Prevalence of Smoking in Pregnancy in Nova Scotia

Dr. Jens-Erik Walter - Use of Mesh in Pelvic Floor Surgery